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Plakat - 100 zadań dla aktywnych - 100 Bucketlist LIFE edition

Manufacturer: 1DEA.me
Manufacturer's code: 4820191130173
Weight: 0.22 kg
40.00 EUR

“100 BUCKET LIST LIFE edition” by 1DEA.me – is a stylish poster with 100 tasks for those who want to spend every day positively and live their life to the fullest!

Complete tasks, erase the protective layer, receive a title and move on to the next task!

“100 BUCKET LIST LIFE edition” is produced in Ukraine on patented technology.


Great Package


#100 BUCKETLIST LIFE edition by 1DEA.me is packed in a stylish gift tube that protects the poster from damage and solves the problem of gift wrapping.

Moreover, now you can put the tube to good use: it can be transformed into a piggy bank, which will help you realize your dream.

Also scratch poster #100 BUCKETLIST LIFE edition can be ordered in a frame. The frame is packed in a stylish gift bag.

What's Inside

– Pins to attach posters to the wall;

– Special scraper to remove scratching;

– Felt cloth to remove excess scratching;

– Piggy bank to help complete certain tasks;

– A set of stickers for the tube;

– Instructions;