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Loyalty Program Terms

Loyalty Program Terms

Jammas Club

With effect from 01.03.2014





The terms used in these Regulations means:

1. Program – loyalty program for customers of the shop Strefa Gier i Gadżetów, Strefa Celu, OnlinePC i Jammas Czarter belonging to Jammas sp. z o.o located at ul. Cyclamenów 9A, 04-798 Warsaw.

2. Organizer– Jammas Sp. Z o.o located at ul. Cyclamenów 9A, 04-798 Warsaw, entered in the register kept by the District Court m. St. Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS number 0000446431, having REGON number 146492300, tax identification number (NIP) 952-21- 22-563, with a share capital of 550 000 PLN (paid in full).

3. Shop Strefa GiG – stationary store located at al. Washington 100A, 04-015 Warsaw and online store operating at www.strefagig.pl, covered by the Program.

4. OnlinePC – Online store operating at www.onlinepc.pl, covered by the Program.

5. Jammas Charter – platform for charter boats operating at the Internet address www.jammasczarter.pl, covered by the Program.

6. Participant – store customer of Strefa GiG, OnlinePC or Jammas Czarter, and a consumer who is purchasing goods or hire a boat that meets the requirements of these Regulations.

7. Program Card – card with a bar code EAN13, allowing the participant to identify and collect information about their purchases is handed over to the Participant and allows participation in the Program.




1. The program is conducted under these Regulations setting out the rights and obligations of the Participant and organizer.

2. The program is conducted in a stationary and  online StrefaGiG store, OnlinePC online store and Jammas Charter platform. The scope of operation of the Program may be subject to change (extension or narrowing) of additional business lines, shops and services offered by the organizer after informing the Program Participants.

3. The program begins on March 1, 2014. And is run by the completion date.

The organizer reserves the right to terminate the program at any time, without giving any reasons, with the prior one-month notice. Notification of completion of the program will be made through the website StrefaGiG, OnlinePC and Jammas Charter.

4. Organizer Communication with participants will be conducted through the Web Site, email or SMS, unless otherwise due to the the contents hereof.

5. The program can not be combined with other promotions or programs carried out in the StrefaGiG, OnlinePC or Jammas Charter.




1. Participants must be individuals with full legal capacity, which received the card of the Program and fulfill the other requirements under these regulations.

2. Program participants must not be employees of the Promoter and employees of entities operating on behalf of the Organiser in connection with the operation of the Program. Participant shall not be entitled to transfer the rights and obligations associated with the Program to a third party. Participant takes part in the program personally. Disabled are actions of the Participant through a representative.

3. Participant ceases to participate in the program on the deposit by the Participant statement of resignation from participation, the decision by the organizer to exclude from participation in the Program or in case of death of the Participant. A resignation statement should be submitted by the Participant in writing and sent to the following address: Jammas Sp. z o.o Street. Cyclamenów 4A, 04-798 Warsaw or e-mail address klub@jammas.pl providing data for identification (card number, name, address). Upon the occurrence of the circumstances described above will be locked opportunity to use the Card Program.

4. In the case of adoption by the Organizer suspicion that the actions of the Participant in violation of these Terms and Conditions, the Promoter reserves the right to initiate the procedure and block the possibility to collect points on the Card Program. The organizer shall immediately inform the Participant to initiate the procedure and the blockade of the card of the Programme via email, giving the telephone number at which the participant will be able to obtain information about the investigation. As part of the investigation Organizer shall have in particular the right to require production of receipts documenting purchases and as a basis for granting points on the Card Program. The Organizer is entitled to exclude from participation in the Program, as well as refusing the benefits related to the Program, if the participant has provided inaccurate or incomplete information, as well as in the event of obtaining information on activities contrary to the provisions of these Regulations.




1. Participant takes part in the program by making purchases of services or products in the StrefaGiG, OnlinePC or by Jammas Charter, where is the registration of purchase.

2. Registration of purchase requires presentation of the card by Participant to StrefaGig, OnlinePC or Jammas Charter worker immediately before making a purchase or registration on individual online profile, which will be assigned a number Card Program. Registration purchase will be based on digitally recorded data associated with the purchase of a dedicated system.

3. Points are registered on the Card Program only after completion of the transaction (after payment). In case of return of purchased goods points from the canceled transaction will be deducted from your Card Program.

4. For every registered purchase Participant will be awarded with points in the Programme. Points will be awarded according to the following formula: each full 25 PLN (twenty five zloty) spended in the StrefaGiG, OnlinePC or Jammas Charter represents 1 (one) point in the program.

5. A value of 1 (say: one) point in the program is PLN 1 (one zloty), which the Participant may exchange for products or services available from StrefaGiG, OnlinePC and Jammas Charter. Points from different cards program is not accumulated.

6. Program Awards are products or services available from StrefaGiG, OnlinePC and Jammas Charter, and the basis for their accounts are charged in the current public offering. A participant may replace the points obtained in the program by indicating the selected presentation of awards to the employee StrefaGiG, OnlinePC, Jammas Charter or in the process of making a purchase online, in order to deduct the appropriate number of points from the points gained by the Participant in the Programme. Obtaining awards in the program is only possible using points accumulated in the Programme, with a possible additional charge. Issue awards will be confirmed fiscal receipt or invoice VAT and the value of points will be shown as amount discount granted to the Participant.

7. A participant may check the status of points obtained in the program at any time during its term on the Website or to an employee of StrefaGiG, OnlinePC or Jammas Charter. Points awarded in the program will expire after 2 years from the date of acquisition. Points expired will be deleted from the account and a Card of the Programme Participant.

8. On the last day of the Programme Participants unused points in the Programme will be settled. The settlement will involve deleting unused points by the Participant to the settlement date.

9. Within the Programme and to its attractiveness Organizer will carry out other than those mentioned in these Regulations promotional activities (including allowing getting additional points in the program) for all participants. The rules further promotional activities will be announced through mailings, websites www.jammas.plwww.strefagig.plwww.onlinepc.pl and www.jammasczarter.pl and in stationary StrefaGiG store.

10. Benefits provided to the Participant by the Organizer in connection with the Program can not be exchanged for cash or other benefits.

11. The total value of awards received by the participant may not exceed one time amount of 200 PLN (two hundred zloty).

12. If the participant who has obtained at one time the prize worth over 200 PLN (two hundred zloty)  in the program, income from the receipt of this award combined with other revenues obtained by the Participant in a given fiscal year, as well as Participant is obliged to settle the the competent tax office. The Programme Participant will receive from the Organizer within the period prescribed by generally applicable laws declarations by the formula PIT - 8C, to permit an appropriate settlement.

13. Program Rewards will be issued in accordance with the provisions of tax law.

14. Membership in the program is free. 



1. Card Program is a property of the Promoter and shall be issued to the Participant in connection with the Program. One participant may have more than one The card program. Points held in different tabs Program will not be subject summation.

2. Program card can be used only for the purposes of the Programme and in accordance with these Rules.

3. A necessary condition for participation in the Program is to have the card of the Programme and individual customer profile on page www.jammas.plwww.strefagig.plwww.onlinepc.pl or www.jammasczarter.pl with assigned card number of the programme.

4. Program Card is not an ATM card, payment or credit card.

5. If Participant lose card of the Programme is obliged to report these facts to the following address: Jammas Sp. z o.o Street. Cyclamenów 4A, 04-798 Warsaw or via e-mail address klub@jammas.pl providing data for identification (card number, name, address). Upon the occurrence of the circumstances described above card will be locked, and Participant will be issued with a new card of the Programme with a new barcode, which will be automatically assigned to the individual account. You can unlock a locked card using the same procedure. The collected until then the points will not be canceled.




1. Any complaints regarding the conduct of of the Programme Participant or linked to it can be raised during his lifetime, and within 30 days of its completion. The complaint should be made to: Jammas Sp. z o.o Street. Cyclamenów 9A, 04-798 Warsaw and include the name of the Participant, his postal address and a detailed description of the circumstances underlying the complaint.

2. Filed complaints will be considered within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. Interested will be informed about the way the complaint by registered letter sent immediately after the complaint is reviewed.




1. Participant's personal data administrator is the Organiser.

2. Organizer processes personal data Participants taking part in the Programme in order to implement the necessary rights resulting from participation in the Program and having the Card.

3. Participant through registering the card and creating customized online account in the manner prescribed in these Regulations consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose and extent described below.

4. Organizer processes personal information of Participants only to the extent specified by the Programme Participant in the Registration Form.

5. Organizer accordance with art. 23 paragraph. 1 pt. 5 of the Act of 29 August 1997. Protection of Personal Data (Dz. U. 2002 r. Nr 101, poz. 926 z późn. zm) entitled in so far as it does not violate the provisions of that Act, to the processing of personal data Participants for the purpose of direct marketing of its own products or services they provide and claims arising from its business activities.

6. Participant has the right to access their data and correct them. Any changes in the scope of their personal data can be done by sending the proper declaration of intent to the address of the organizer.

7. Data submission is voluntary but necessary in order to register Program Card, and to exercise the rights under the Card of the Programme in accordance with these Rules.

8. Organizer declares that the personal data of Participants are processed in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997r. on the protection of personal data and that applies technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the processed data appropriate to the risks and category of data being protected, and in particular protects the personal data of Participants before making them available to unauthorized disclosure, loss or damage.

9. The participant is obliged to inform the Organizer of any change in the field of personal data of Participant.




1. Full text of these Regulations will be available from the Organiser, in the shop StrefaGiG at the store OnlinePC, on the portal Jammas Charter and in its representatives. The basic rules of the Programme will be contained in the information materials distributed in connection with the Program.

2. All communications regarding the Program should be directed to the following address: Jammas Sp. z o.o Street. Cyclamenów 9a, 04-798 Warsaw, with a note "Club Jammas" or e-mail address klub@jammas.pl under the heading "Club Jammas". The adherence to the deadline of sending correspondence will be determined by the date of shipment (in the case of the correspondence addressed mail postmark date), unless otherwise provided in these Regulations. The organizer does not return the submitted correspondence in connection with the Program.

3. Any disputes or claims raised by Participants in connection with the Program shall be settled by an appropriate court.

4. In matters not covered by these Regulations are applicable by general provisions of Law, in particular the provisions of the Civil Code.