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Travel case for shirts - PACKSHI

Manufacturer: Packshi
Manufacturer's code: 5900000009223
Weight: 0.7 kg
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24.75 EUR

PACKSHI is the perfect case to organize your shirts and ties - whether you're commuting to work, traveling for business or just for fun, Packshi Shirt Cases are lightweight and easy to carry.

Each case includes a folding board to help ensure a crease free shirt and will make sure you look sharp. Packshi Shirt Cases feature a hardshell EVA Material that will protect your shirts and ties from getting squashed during travel. 


Gadget facts:

- set includes case and pad with printed instructions for folding shirt
- case made of hard and solid material which protects the shirt
- the form is stamped so as to easily protect a collar shirt
- lightweight and compact design for easy packing bag, backpack or suitcase
- dimensions: 36 x 28 x 7cm