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Stone Cubes for drinks

Manufacturer: GADGET FACTORY
Manufacturer's code: 5906660861607
Weight: 0.33 kg
12.25 EUR

Stone way to cool drinks.

Stones from prehistoric times no one associated with the kitchen. And yet - perhaps out of spite - currently been used in gastronomy. And more specifically, they made them eye-catching cubes for drinks.

Stone cubes to drinks have an advantage over traditional cubes of ice, because they do not adversely affect the taste of the drink and did not dilute. And that are reusable. Their only downside is that it is better not throw them into the shaker. :)

Included is up 9 stone blocks and elegant bag to store them. This is a mandatory addition to whiskey and other beverages requiring cooling.

Kamienne kostki do drinków

Gadget in a nutshell:

- Stone cubes, which cool each drink
- Material - soapstone
- Set includes 9 stone cube and a black handbag
- Packed in an elegant box
- Mandatory addition to whiskey
- Suitable for contact with food and are safe for health
- Before first use, wash them

Kamienne kostki do drinków