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I am the Daddy - Large Mug - 0,9l

Manufacturer: PALADONE
Manufacturer's code: 5032331034992
Weight: 0.9 kg
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9.00 EUR

Size really does matter and to prove it, we bring you the 'I am the Daddy' Large Mug! Holding a whopping 900 ml of your favourite hot beverage, this coffee mug makes up for all those weedy bone china cups.

Kubek gigant - I am the Daddy - 0,9l

Those stupid tea cups you can't even get your little pinky through the handle of and you go to drink the teeny-tiny bit of tea that it holds, only to find that you inhaled it the last time you breathed in. This 'I am the Daddy' Large Mug is designed for serious tea and coffee drinkers - 2 pints of the good stuff, whether it's Darjeeling of De-Caff. Fantastic office gifts, everyone knows a major tea drinker at work! Why not quench their thirst with this beast of a mug? Whether you are looking for Fathers Day, Birthday or Christmas gifts, you can't beat a giant 'I am the Daddy' Mug!