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Spacerail level 7 - roller coaster

Manufacturer's code: 5901779361635
Weight: 2.99 kg
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Spacerail level 7 - kolejka górska

Spacerail is a big boy's toy. It is a DIY (Do It Yourself) roller coaster set that guides two or more rolling steel balls along its tracks.

Spacerail level 7 - kolejka górska

 In the assembly stage, players cut lengths of track to the correct length from a single roll of thick plastic tubing, forming curves and loops held in place by plastic track rail holders which attach to metal rods held vertical in a black plastic base. Once assembly is completed, depending on Set Complexity Level, two or more steel balls roll around the completed track from top to bottom. At the bottom of the run, a battery-powered elevator transports the balls back to the top to start all over again.
Spacerail level 7 - kolejka górska

More Info:

Rail length: 32000mm
Assembled size: 92 x 44 x 64cm
Steel balls: 8pcs
Weight: 4kg
Difficulty: Advanced
Assembly time: 1-2 days
Recommended for advanced players
English instruction manual included

Package includes:
Base x 1
Shaft 391mm x 1
Shaft 300mm x 30
Shaft 200mm x 13
Rail 16000mm x 2
Arm Parts x 80
Arm Holder A x 80
Arm Holder B x 100
Arm Sheath x 100
Arm Wrench x 200
Rail Stand x 150
Lift Stage Parts x 3
Gear Box x 3
Base Holder (big) x 6
Base Holder (small) x 8
Shaft Stand A 176mm x 3
Gear Box Stand x 1
Steel Balls x 8
Rail Joining Parts x 10
Arm Part Setting Illustration Manual x 1
English/Chinese Instruction Manual x 1